Anna Nicole Smith Exposed


(USA, 1998)

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This video is supposed to give the viewers an inside look at Anna Nicole Smith's life and sexual fantasies.

Anna Nicole Smith & Ahmo Hight

Anna Nicole is taking her evening bath when her maid (fitness model Ahmo Hight) comes into the bath-room to give her some towels. Ahmo then begins to rub Anna Nicole's shoulders. Anna Nicole closes her eyes and starts fantasising about the two of them. She watches as Ahmo undresses and climbs down into the hot-tub with her. The love-scene that follows shows Anna Nicole licking on Ahmo's breasts for quite a while, the two of them kissing passionately and finally a simulated sequence where Ahmo fingers and licks Anna Nicole.

Anna Nicole Smith & Ahmo Hight

Ahmo walks into Anna Nicole's bedroom one morning to wake her up. She gently whispers to her to wake up while stroking her back. Anna Nicole slowly wakes up, smiles and caresses Ahmo's face with her hand. Ahmo bends down and places a kiss on Anna Nicole's neck. She then leaves the room.
Anna Nicole, still in bed, begins to masturbate while fantasising about Ahmo once again. This time, she fantasises that Ahmo is stripping for her.

I remember reading a rumor that Anna Nicole was supposed to appear in a lesbian love-scene in an upcoming video. This was well over 6 months before the video showed up. Allthough I was very curious about this video, I was also certain it would be disappointing, that it would merely be another Anna Nicole Smith Playboy video and that the "lesbian" scene would be as boring and posed as always.
When I finally got to see the video, I first noted that it was not produced by Playboy, thank god, but it began just like I had expected Playboy style. A dim-lit mansion, an overly smiling Anna Nicole and just a lot of scenes of her being photographed...soo exciting.
When the scene of interrest began, I was suprised to see that Anna Nicole suddenly had stoped Playboy-smiling and wasn't even looking into the camera. The scene was much more intense and serious about it than most of the other scenes on the tape. How about that? The lesbian scene being less posed and more passionate than the hetero-scenes! That's not something you experience everyday in Playboy style videos.
What also pleasently suprised me was to see how much Anna Nicole was into it. She licked, bited and sucked Ahmo's breasts with great passion. And the same is true when they kissed each other, neither Anna Nicole nor Ahmo held back. They looked like they genuinely loved what they were doing.
The negative thing is of course that the scene is at least 20 minutes too short. If you can have Anna Nicole doing a lesbian love-scene and it's so obvious she likes it, why don't you make it longer? Do they think we will get bored so they decide to include scenes where she for example stands on the balcony talking in her mobile phone instead? I just don't get it..
The second scene was just a big, big tease. It started off really well and I thought to myself that this will be a fantastic scene but after Ahmo had lightly touched various parts of Anna Nicole's body and softly lip-kissed her neck, she just left her!