"G-String Divas"
Divas in Paradise


(USA, 2000)

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Love scenes:None 
Episode overall:3.0 

Explicitness:  3

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Build-up  4 Kissing  4 Love scenes  Episode overall  3

A fairly long-running HBO documentary series following girls from a Phillidelphia Gentleman's Club. Normally the episodes follow a particular girl or take place within the club, but in this episode the girls fly away, I believe to the Carribean to do a few shows.

Chrissy & unknown

The girls are on a boat trip and are sunbathing on the deck. One of the girls says her ass has went all hard and another girl goes to feel it. She gently touches it before lying down on top of her friend. It isn't anything special but is a nice build-up - one of the girls, Chrissy, says she thought she was 100% lesbian before she found her boyfriend.

Jordan & unknowns

Jordan is dancing in a club and suddenly 2 other blonde dancers come out while she is lying down. They set her on a chair and handcuff her hands behind the pole. The two girls place each dance over one of Jordan's legs, all of them seem to be enjoying it. An announcement is made that its Jordan's birthday and another girl brings out a cake. She stands by as the two blondes take some cream, and you guessed it, slapped it on Jordan's tits. They then lick it off really sexily. Then they get close while liking Jordan's breasts and sexily kiss before going back to Jordan. They then get Jordan to eat off their breasts :) In the back afterwards, they celebrate - still nude - with champagne.

I really liked this, it wasn't staged at all and was a real documentary following real girls. The lesbians scenes were breif but very good, it really seemed like a normal club only with cameras there. The rest of the show was mainly lap dancing which ain't bad either :)