The Killing of Sister George
(UK, 1968)
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        Reviewer:  The Troubleshooter               Correct/Add Info                Review this movie!

Somewhat depressing British film about a middle aged lesbian soap opera star who has found out that her character is about to be written out of the show she has been on for years. Alongside that, she deals with problems involving her much younger girlfriend (Susannah York), who she thinks is going to leave her for a younger girl.

Susannah York & Coral Browne

Taking place late in the movie, a suave TV producer of some sort (Browne) visits the pixieish York's apartment. It's pretty late and no one is home. The two share small talk and York shows Browne her doll collection.
The two eventually lie down on the bed and begin kissing. Browne stays on top, and seems unsure of what to do with such a younger woman. Browne uses her fingers on York; This is kept out of the camera frame, but is obvious. York responds timidly at first, but after a few minutes of the touching she screams out in pleasure, after which she pratically forces Browne on her. Browne, with her hair all messed up seems almost frightened at York's voracious appetite. York grabs Browne's head and slams it down on her breast. Shortly therafter, York's fustrated girlfriend comes home, leading to a confrontation, and a rather unhappy ending.

A well though out movie, if not a bit moldy around the edges, this remains memorable if only becuase it was pretty graphic considering the time, and even by today's standards it's unique to see an older woman and a younger woman together in such a scene. Worth checking out.

I saw this movie as a teenager almost ten years ago. The scene have sticked to my mind since I first saw it. I remember it as very hot, but I agree with The Troubleshooter on the unhappy ending. I have attempted to get hold of this movie ever since, but it is very rare, and costs to much to order it to where I live.