Mind Twister
(USA, 1994)
               Category/Genre:   Erotic Thriller   
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              Reviewer:  Auburn                      Correct/Add Info                Review this movie!

There's something evil afoot in the world of psychiatry as a young woman tries to discover what happened to her missing friend after the police come up empty-handed. In the end, she re-traces her friend's final footsteps, ending up with the killers: an evil psychiatrist and his evil lesbian wife!

Suzanne Slater (a.k.a. Suzee Slater) & Erika Nann

The pretty young blonde is having a psychiatric "session" with the doctor and his sexy dark-haired wife. He explains to the girl that maybe being with another woman could help her unlock her hidden fears. Of course, his wife quickly volunteers to be that other woman. The young blonde reluctantly agrees. As the doctor shoots video, his wife proceeds to strip and then begin kissing and fondling the blonde's luscious young body. She's really good at it, too! But when she makes her way down to the blonde girl's gorgeous tush she discovers a flower tattoo there --- exactly like the flower tattoo on her missing friend! The doctor and his wife become suspicious, while the blonde quickly makes an excuse and flees the scene.

Erika Nann & unknown

Later, the pretty blonde sneaks back to the doctor's office and finds a videotape made with her missing friend on it. Watching the tape, she discovers what really happened to her friend. Apparently, her friend was tied up by the doctor's wife while being played with. When she suddenly demands to be let go, the doctor's wife instead gags her and begins whipping her. At this point the girl breaks away, and is then accidentally killed. All of this is on the video the blonde finds. Aside from the violence, it's still pretty hot in a kinky way.

I can't say this was a great movie, but there's something really sexy about an evil lesbian woman preying on pretty young things in an entirely lust-oriented way! If we've got to have criminals in our society, I wish more of them were evil lesbian women molesting the beautiful young blondes in our midst! That kind of crime I could certainly stomach!

Build-up: 2   Kissing: 4   Love-scenes: 3   Movie overall: 2
The love-scene with Suzanne Slater and Erika Nann was really hot. I would have rated it a "5" if it hadn't been for the fact that Nann's husband filmed them which for me totally ruins a scene. The best part of the scene was when Slater finally relaxed and began licking Nann's breasts very nicely.