Wild Cactus
(USA, 1993)
               Category/Genre:   Erotic Thriller   
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              Reviewer:  Auburn                      Correct/Add Info                Review this movie!

Basically we've got a bad dude hooking up with a very sexy bad girl (Michelle Moffett). The two terrorize everyone they meet, including a man and his beautiful wife (India Allen).

Michelle Moffett & Kathy Shower

The bad guy and his new kinky girlfriend (Moffett) drive to the trailer where his ex-girlfriend (Kathy Shower) lives. Shower's character is shocked and frightened to see him, but has no choice but to let them both in. He acts like he's not angry at her for the role she played in his arrest (I think he had just broken out of jail or something like that). He introduces his new girlfriend, and suggests they become better acquainted. While Shower lay there in terror, Moffett begins kissing and caressing her while the guy watches. Later, however, he shoots Shower, which kind of ruins the eroticism of the entire scene.

India Allen & Michelle Moffett

The bad guy and his sexy dark haired girlfriend next run into a man and his wife: the beautiful India Allen. The two couples strike up what appears to be an innocent friendship, although on at least two occasions, Moffett is looking at Allen with more-than-friendship in her eyes. Once is when they first meet in a grocery store, and later while she's taking a shower at Allen's house. She makes Allen uncomfortable when she approaches her totally nude to get a towell.
Shortly thereafter, the bad guy drops off the married guy in the desert, and Allen finds herself the captive of these two murderous killers. She decides in desperation to get a message out while pretending to be taking a shower. When Moffett angrily confronts her after pounding for several minutes on the bathroom door, Allen innocently says she couldn't hear her over the water and then asks Moffett to give her a post-shower oil run. Moffett quickly forgets her anger as Allen removes her towel and lays face down on the bed. The two women then begin kissing as Moffett removes her own clothes.

I just really thought this otherwise so-so flick had some of the hottest not-always-consensual girl/girl encounters I've ever witnessed.
While the violence in the Kathy Shower scene was regretable, India Allen's successful effort to seduce dangerous/kinky Michelle Moffett was HOT, HOT, HOT!!! There's just something so incredibly sexy about a pretty, straight woman offering her body temptingly to a lesbian. And Moffett made such a hot lezzie! Later of course, she'd also offer herself to the bad guy (also to lull him into thinking she liked him), but the girl/girl action was what I liked so much about this one!
It's definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen it.